L.A. Witch: Gothic Garage Rock at Musik & Frieden

By Allison Krupp . June 20, 2019

L.A. Witch bring their swooning, surreal gothic garage rock to Musik & Frieden on June 27, 2019.

The three provocative witch-sisters of L.A. Witch — Sade, Irita, and Ellie — tour their 2017 self-titled and 2018 EP, Octubre, drawing together hazy California nostalgia, ominous and oftentimes twangy riffs, and haunting, ’90s-laze vocals for profound effect. The result is seductive, sensual, frightening — it demands second and third listens and evokes the kind of raucous summertime energy fit for long night drives.


The songs are swift and fast and cutting, yanking you in and out in about two to three minutes — enough time to feel their tantalizing spell. It’s California end-of-the-world music, David Lynch-ian and sinister, which is altogether fitting during this atrocious heat spell. Perhaps, with global warning wrapping us in its thick blanket, these tracks become the fuel to get us through. It’s worked for California.

See you later at the gig at Musik & Frieden. Balagan’s fuzzy basement rock opens it up, showing off their fresh EP “A Mess #2.” Listen to it here. 

Facebook Event 

Musik & Frieden
Falckensteinstraße 48,
10997 Berlin


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