Jerx at Knaack-Club Berlin

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . September 27, 2008

Last night, we saw a great concert by the band Berlin Loves You is supporting, called “Jerx”. They’re 5 guys, originally from Austria, who have moved to Berlin 9 months ago to reach the stars and make the Rock’n’Roll dream come true. They’re great musicians, great guys too, and they’re willing to do absolutely everything it takes to bring their music across to as many people as possible. I find that very noble, and so I’m trying to do my part to make them big. And to fulfill some of my own dreams as we go.

So I’ve produced a MTV-aimed music video for them. As a director and camera man, I managed to get my favourite Berlin photo and video artist, Boris Eldagsen – http://www.eldagsen.com. A cute and very talented actress, Helen, contributed too – http://www.myspace.com/helenfurness. The video will hopefully be out in October.

Unfortunately, Boris had to cater for a visitor from Australia while Helen is currently in India, so they couldn’t come to yesterday’s Jerx concert at Knaack Club Berlin. However, who came was one of our favourite serial founders and Social Stuntmen, Philip E! He, among other things, does his best to ruin his health with fucked-up but wildly funny stuff like http://www.drinkthering.com. Unlike Philip, who has been living in Berlin for a few years only, Knaack Club has been around forever – http://www.knaack-berlin.de – I think they already existed in DDR times!

The concert was great as always. The guys have been playing for years, and whenever let loose on stage they give it their all and everything. They’d be powerful enough to rock any stadium, so a small concert club like Knaack is no challenge. Or maybe it is – actually, what I particularly respect about the guys is that they always play full throttle, no matter if it’s for a thousand people or for twenty. They make the crowd sing, jump and dance – they’re not just musicians, they’re show people too; they want everybody to have a great time. But they’re honest about it! No posers but a band that aims to play great, loud, powerful music and rock you to the bone!

Afterwards, backstage, guitarist Andii complained about broken tubes in his guitar amp. Singer Vindaloo explained that for a change, his T-Shirt was soaked not from sweat but because drummer Joey had spit a mouthful of beer at him. Harii, the other guitarist, showed off his new Gibson Les Paul guitar that’s indeed beautiful but just too bulky for my taste – me, I recently sold my Les Paul to a dear friend.

The guys are off to touring Austria for 3 weeks now – their latest album, a “Best Of”-compilation, has just entered the Austrian charts – details at http://www.myspace.com/jerxcc.

In any case: if anyone of you out there would like to book a damn great rock band that will make teenage girl hearts melt and teenage boys dream the R’n’R dream, then do consider the Jerx!

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