The House of Red Doors #9: A N I M A L

By Brendan Power . May 23, 2017

So once again, we here at BLY are bringing yet another House of Red Doors party to your attention.

Why? Well because of the high calibre of its myriad performers and artists, it is genuinely some of the best fun you can have in a Berlin, with or without your clothes on – that bit is up to you.

BERLIN LOVES YOU House of Red Doors 9

This edition’s theme is ‘Therianthropy’ or, in layman’s terms, “The mythological ability of human beings to metamorphose into other animals by means of shapeshifting.”

The eagle-eyed among you will have spotted that those were not exactly layman’s words, but there is a chance you could get laid by an eagle-man if you attend the party this Thursday, May 25th at Salon zur Wilden Renate.

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Once again, Bad Bruises and their crew promise to deliver the skimpily-clad erotic goods, laced with the kind of bestial bacchanalia that would make David Cameron blush. So take some shots, channel your inner sexy spirit animal, and make your way to the tail end of Markgrafendamm for an orgy of mammoth proportions. Oh and the DJ line up is pretty tasty too!

BERLIN LOVES YOU House of Red Doors 9

❖ DJ Line Up ❖

Theus Mago
The Shredder (eat lipstick)

❖ Performer Line Up ❖

Evilyn Frantic
Mad Kate
Julietta la Doll
Signorina Valentina DeMonia
Bishop Black
Aja Jane
Rosalie Lello Li
Chika Takahashi
Saralynn Van Doll
Luna & Sol
Ady Lee Sonerson
+ So many more amazing creatures of the night to delight and amaze!

BERLIN LOVES YOU House of Red Doors 9

Refreshing treats from Lusty Ice!
An object of art in an ice lolly shape – Standing for fun, self expression and sexual emancipation.

Tarot Card Reading by Truth and/or Consequences (Morgan Hasenfuß)

❖ Costumes ❖

Mystical animals, farm animals, fantasy creatures, jungle dwellers, birds, insects and denizens of the wild blue sea. Delve deep into your creative juices and uncage yourself!

We want to see crazy, sexy, weird and beautiful animals. Roar, quack, hiss or squawk, all animals welcome, any colour, size or style. You can also wear your favourite HORDs costumes too, fetish, latex, bizarre, weird. Dress up and join in, the more you dress up, the more we can create this mystical place just for one night, embrace it, indulge and enjoy.

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The House of Red Doors. BERLIN LOVES YOU.

The House of Red Doors #9: A N I M A L
Salon zur Wilden Renate
Alt-Stralau 70
10245 Berlin

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