GLUT’s Artisan Grilled Cheese Melts Our Hearts

By Allison Krupp . July 23, 2015

Kim-Chicken Half Top Down

Hip and vibrant Berlin chefs Stas and Sanchia are serious about grilled cheeses—those nostalgic and gooey delights that still please the carb-and-grease-loving fat kids in all of us. And their most recent GLUT “pop up” at Neukölln’s Miet&Eat (termed Melted Memories, hinging on our assured grilled-cheesy-pasts) did not disappoint.

First off: the sandwiches. Holy, the sandwiches. GLUT’s bread, an organic Soluna White Rye found at Markthalle Neun, was grilled to perfection, snapped outside three different sandwich fixings: Kim-Chicken, Bock Beef, and Root n Fruit. Think: slow-cooked chicken with lime and pepper mayo and coleslaw; moist brisket braised in bock beer with crunchy fried capers and onion jam; and rosemary roasted beets with spiced pear chutney and whole grain mustard—all slid alongside GLUT’s sole cheese: an 18-month matured Gruyere. Truly inspired combinations with earnest craftsmanship that didn’t shy away from the fact that—yep—this is a direct relation to all grilled cheeses that have come before (and yet… somehow an adult version, ready for our refined, Berlin-food-scene palates. Yes).


The Miet&Eat Launch party couldn’t have been more joyous: chili-infused whiskey shots were taken; music played on; and cheese and rye bread scents flourished. Such a warm and pleasant place in the midst of a grey and rainy Saturday–one assuredly ready for a permanent home somewhere in this fine city.

Luckily, I was able to speak to Stas and Sanchia about their inspirations and love for all things grilled cheese-y.

Why grilled cheeses?

“This definitely spans back to our childhood memories of making triangle toasted sandwiches in our respective grandmothers’ kitchens. Everyone is familiar with the grilled cheese sandwich. We wanted to give people our very own new melted memories by putting that warm nostalgia into our food.”


What about the Berlin food scene inspired you to create GLUT?

“So much about Berlin’s growing food scene inspires us. Berlin truly allows you to follow a dream, to test it out. The city feels more communal than competitive. It’s a rare characteristic for a city.”

As far as culinary inspirations go, Stas and Sanchia list a variety of flavors and cooking talents: from the “heart and simplicity of Italian cooking” to the many eclectic spices of the Caribbean.

After a quick GLUT process (with just a logo on January 1 to now, a Pop Up restaurant!), it’s incredible the two haven’t keeled over in grilled cheese fatigue. But after trying 20 different sandwich combinations—which ranged from Beef Dipped to Deep Fried sandwiches—they met with their final 3 flavors (that are always open for greater innovation) and ultimately perfected the flavors.

What is the future for current Pop Up, GLUT?

“Creating GLUT has been such a wonderful experience. We’re really open to the future and excited for Pop Ups until the right opportunity finds us. We can’t wait to see people’s reactions as they eat our creations. It’s the ultimate reason we’re doing this and what will hopefully make the hard work pay off.

Next GLUT pop up is August 29—venue details to be revealed soon from Berlin Loves You. We’ll be there.

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