Get Inspired! How to make it in Berlin!

By Philip Eggersgluess . January 15, 2015

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Over the past years we have been writing, reporting and posting about Berlin creatives, entrepreneurs, artists, old Berliners, new Berliners and many others.

Coming to the city, living in the city and staying in the city, one regularly asks one’s self: how can I make it in Berlin? And by ‘making’ we don’t mean becoming rich (okay, that could be the case as well…) we are talking about having a decent, fulfilling living, being able to pay for rent, some travels, and maybe setting the foundations for a family and making some new little Berliners.

So we went back into our archive and looked at all these people “making it in Berlin”, from urban gardening, to providing an app for prostitutes, making great pies or simply working at a Spätkauf.

Inspired by “How to make it in America” (a great series to watch btw ), we decided to collect all of our inspirations, and all the people, apps, businesses, and ideas we reported on, and we will use these to create howtomakeitin.berlin

So! If your are sitting somewhere in your office chair, always thinking and dreaming about doing your own thing, come to this site and you will find loads of inspiration, crazy ideas and solid businesses founded and running here in Berlin. If you are not in Berlin yet and always dreamt of being creative and starting all over in this amazing city, check out what others are doing and give it a shot.

Looking at our archive, you can see what Berlin truly is: a playground for creatives and people that just want to live their lives to the full. You may not become a millionaire, and it will be a tough ride, but you will be doing what you want to do and that’s what life is about, isn’t it?

Keep these ideas and your little businesses rolling in to us we are happy to provide you a little platform for your baby. Thank you in advance!

Entrepreneurs. Berlin loves you.



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