GEMMA RAY Live at Columbia Theater & New Album ‘The Exodus Suite’

By John Perye . May 25, 2016

The surroundings in which a recording artist lays down their new tracks may or may not have any impact at all on the final output. For Gemma Ray, what was happening beneath the studio while she recorded The Exodus Suite, her seventh and latest album, had an unexpected yet inescapable influence on the sessions.

BERLIN-LOVES-YOU-blog-Gemma Ray -The Exodus Suite

For seven days, the Essex-born musician cut tracks live in the infamous Candy Bomber Studios with Ingo Krauss. You see, Candy Bomber Studios is located in the former Tempelhof Airport, currently home to 8,000 Syrian refugees.

In this stark reality of the refugees’ circumstances and so close to the sights, sounds and smells, the combination lent a profoundly immediate dimension to Gemma Ray’s lyrical explorations of love for all life, exile and relocation, nature’s sovereignty, technology, class and most of all the need for human empathy. The Exodus Suite reflects the personal-political themes of the songs within.

The Exodus Suite is performed by Gemma Ray on vocals, guitars, Mellotron and organ, accompanied by Andrew Zammit on drums, percussion, organ, synth and additional guitar, Fredrik Kinbom on bass and lap steel guitar, and featuring Carwyn Ellis on piano and the Wurlitzer (on the tracks “There Must Be More Than This” and “Caldera, Caldera!”).


Gemma Ray

with Paul Wallfisch (Swans)

and Aftershowparty with The Rhythm & Beat Organization and DJs

Friday, May 27th @ Columbia Theater

Columbiadamm 9-11 · 10965 Berlin

Doors: 19:00
Start: 20:00



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