Friday: Blue in the Face & Trike LIVE

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . March 25, 2010

BLUE IN THE FACE, Berlin’s local avant-garde sonic stalwarts, blend elements borrowed from Jazz, Blues, Rock and Industrial to create a sophisticated, visceral sound that oscillates from Noise to Pop and ultimately leaves
you slack-jawed in its sedative weirdness.
Michael Rader(styx)

TRIKE is an Electro-Aerobic-Disco-Art-Trash duo from Canada.

Made up of Stephen Taylor (keyboard, vocals) and Xania Keane (violin, tap-dancing, glockenspiel), this band is most happy on stage. Their live show features costume changes, dance instructions and spanking.

In the past two years, Trike has played hundreds of shows across 16 European countries, landed a small record deal, a Yamaha-sponsorship, won $20,000 on television/radio contest ‘The Gong Show’ and had their ‘New Album’ hit number 6 on Canadian radio.

Trike is currently working on a new album with Cheap Satanism Records, that will be released in April.


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