11 Freelance Coffee Shops in Berlin Worth their Weight in Kuchen

By Allison Krupp . March 23, 2017

Good freelance coffee shops in Berlin, featuring the necessities:

Wifi. Kuchen. Good, cheap coffee. And, most necessarily, an air of “do whatever the hell you want in here, for however long as you want,” because, as freelancers, we know how awk it can be when asked to purchase something else.

Of course, this is a limited list of the best Berlin coffee shops for freelancers. Berlin’s a world of freelancers, darting from one deadline to the next. If you have a favorite, write it in the comments. Brag about it. Come on.

1. Café Kraft, Prenzlauer Berg

No surprise, glittering P-berg streets host countless freelance-friendly cafés. And if you want a mouth-watering Instagram feed, look no further.

Schivelbeiner Str. 23
10439 Berlin

2. The Visit, Kreuzberg

Sparse, clean, for a centered headspace, regardless of how murderous you feel toward your clients. Hunky, beardy baristas ease the pain.

Things to do on a rainy day 3/3: read or just look a colorful pictures. 📖

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The Visit Coffee Roastery
Adalbertstraße 9
10999 Berlin

3. Oslo Kaffeebar, Mitte

I can’t say enough good things about Oslo Kaffeebar. Food’s great, coffee’s better, and the atmosphere is calm and concentrated, allowing you several hours of uninterrupted work.

Oslo Kaffebar
Eichendorffstraße 13
10115 Berlin

4. ZAZZA Gourmet Rösterei, Kreuzberg

High praise: I’m actually writing this blog from there RIGHT NOW! The kuchen is spectacular; the staff’s friendly and bright; jazz pipes from the back room, not too loud, and people seem to stay for hours, without care. Good light, too.

walnut y nut ? 2.0

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Schönleinstraße 7B
10967 Berlin

5. Leuchtstoff Kaffee Bar, Neukölln

In the super-secret, special corner of Neukölln sits this hipster safe haven, Leuchtstoff, or light switch. It’s layered, with couches on cozy, lofted nooks above, and features many outlets. Yes, you know that’s important.

We climbed stairs to drink coffee ☕️✨ #leuchtstoff

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leuchtstoff – Kaffeebar
Siegfriedstraße 19
12051 Berlin

6. DoubleEye, Schöneberg

Somewhere, far from the safety of Neukölln and Kreuzberg, it’s rumored that Schöneberg freelancers live a charmed life.

Akazienstraße 22
10823 Berlin

7. Agora, Neukölln

This co-working space and café is a sheer delight, offering brunches, lunches, and sweets, along with a crew of people actually getting their shit done. Hard to believe in Berlin, but it does exist.

Agora Collective e.V.
Boddinstraße 16
12053 Berlin

8. St. Oberholz, Mitte

I can’t believe I skipped over this place for so long. With a studious center up a flight of steps and a hip café on the ground floor, it’s a perfect place for coffee and food–and the ability to switch to wine or beer or liquor whenever you feel the need.

Morning places ☕️ #Berlin

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St. Oberholz
Rosenthaler Str. 72A
10437 Berlin

9. Café Manstein4, Schöneberg

Pretty-berg, you made it–twice! This living room-like café is cozy and sweet, with delicious fare.

Café Manstein4
Mansteinstraße 4
10783 Berlin

10. Shakespeare and Sons, Friedrichshain

This bookstore-bagel-fairyland is an essential workspace, with many tables and some of the best chocolate chip cookies on the goddamn planet. The bagels are great, too.


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Shakespeare and Sons
Warschauer Str. 74
10243 Berlin

11. Katulki z Bzem, Neukölln

The picture speaks for itself, making all words useless and forcing me back to my actual writing work.

Café Katulki
Friedelstraße 41
12047 Berlin

Have a better freelance café? Comment below. Or don’t and keep the goods to yourself. Whatever.


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