Exberliner: We want you….to SAVE BERLIN!

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . February 20, 2009


We want you….to SAVE BERLIN!

Twenty years ago the citizens of East Berlin brought down the Wall that divided their city in a peaceful revolution. Since then Berlin has developed into the city we love – an island of affordable civilization for outcasts and dreamers. But the city is also in danger! Mega-malls, fake Prussian palaces and luxury lofts are threatening to turn the city into a sterile global capital. Don’t let grey bureaucrats and investors lacking imagination shape our future. DO SOMETHING!

This November – on the 20th anniversary of the collapse of the Berlin Wall – EXBERLINER’s SAVE BERLIN project aims to present the best, boldest ideas by Berliners to rejuvenate and preserve the spirit of the city they love. Buildings, urban planning, demolitions, events, festivals – all types of urban interventions. .. It will be an exhibition and a special issue of our magazine. BE PART OF IT. We need your help! 

Send your ideas to saveberlin@exberliner.com by May 1, 2009 for a first evaluation by our agit-prop committee…

Looking forward to your proposals,

your Save Berlin Executive Committee (SBEC)

PS: find complete information at www.exberliner.com


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