Capperi! Italian Natural Wine and Delicatessen on the Canalside

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . August 15, 2018

If you are looking for an all-round Italian experience, every road in Berlin leads you to Capperi!.

Located at the canal between Kreuzberg and Neukölln, facing Thielenbrücke, Capperi!‘s setting is as Venetian as it could get – at least north of Sonnenallee.

A fresh corner in the Kiez with amazing service and traditional cuisine. Here, the staff is truly committed to giving you a genuine culinary journey through all the parts of Italy. After a look into their extensive wine menu you could travel the whole boot and Sicily, only with your nose in the glass.

Capperi Berlin Shop Front

Giulia the fortune telling sommelier.

Yet, rather than trying to drink your way through the whole menu, BERLIN LOVES YOU recommends you ask for Giulia to read your taste in wine like she reads the colour of your shirt. She’s a sommelier fortune teller. Everyone at our table was served with a personal Natual Wine suggestion that matched our individual tastes as well as the amazing meal. She knows what you secretly want with just one look at you.

Capperi Giulia

But the food at Capperi is a chapter in itself.

Many of the delicatesses are sent from Sicily, and you can taste the hours of sun in them, direct from a place that has no notion about such things as the ‘Berlin Winter’.

But actually, you can find specialities from all over Italy. For example, a variety of cold cuts provided by the “sapori mediterranei” company. Delicious Capocollo and Pancetta arrotolata from the region of Basilicata, or Fiocchetto di prosciutto crudo (shoulder) from Lazio or the delicious Salame pezzente from the Matera mountain.

Capperi Berlin Meat Platter

The choice of cheeses is impressive as well as delicious, with soft and hard cheeses served together on platters. There is Luna Piena, a Camembert-like cheese, or the bright yellow Primo Sale that was refined with Safran, both from Sicily. But you can also find the famous Buffalo Mozzarella from Campania or goat cheese from Piedmont.

We began our dinner with a big plate of Antipasti that consisted of a variety of cold cuts and cheeses, followed by a selection of mains and wine pairings.

Capperi Berlin Prawns

Capperi Berlin Pasta

Capperi Berlin Green Beans

Capperi! are Natural Wine specialists.

Capperi!’s wine selection is as natural as it gets, with no additional sulfites, and imported directly from Italy. Giulia gave us a crash course in Natural Wines and wine tasting, always stressing the importance of the bottle lable for communicating the providence of the wine – the grape type, the maker’s mark, the regional and organic certifications. She proudly displayed Capperi!’s selection, telling us anecdotes about the wine makers with whom they all have personal relationships with.

A great place to Aperol Spritz.

Beautiful location aside, Capperi!’s Aperol Spritzes are phenomenal. They have a daily aperitivo offer where between 17-20uhr you can get a Spritz or glass of wine plus a small plate of food for only five euros.

Capperi Berlin Meat and Cheese

Apart from spoiling your taste buds on a visit, Capperi! works as a delicatessen so you can also take home some of the delicious food they offer. Inside the restaurant is a small refrigerated counter from which the meat and the cheeses are sold for takeaway. Also the wine and a selection of fresh pasta is for sale.

Pannierstraße 32,
12047 Berlin
+49 30 62989911


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