Bruno Sofabeds – Comfort for Even the Most Unexpected Guests

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . September 25, 2019

Life as an unintentional B&B host made easier by Bruno.

Living in a city as loved as Berlin, can often feel like you’re running a guesthouse. Friends from all around the world are planning a city break and sheepishly enquire: do you have space for us to stay at yours?

Bruno Schlafsofa 3

When we were looking for a new sofabed to supplement our accommodation space for friends and family, our thoughts went straight to Berlin-based brand, Bruno. Primarily a producer of beds, Bruno has proved over the years that you can grow a business with simple yet high-quality and beautifully made products.

What is it you need when looking for a sofabed? It’s comfort in sitting, lounging, Netflixing. It’s comfort in sleeping, snoring and dreaming. There’s no room for compromise – no collapsing half-sofa-half-bed, no sleeping with a sofa support beam sticking deep in your back. I have rarely seen a combination where both functions work how they should.

I decided to test out Das Bruno Schlafsofa, the two-seater option that opens out into a 140 x 200 cm bed.

It’s a minimalistic yet stylish sofa that easily fits in with the decor of a room. With 750 box springs per sofa, it boasts the comfort of a real bed.

Comfort: We have tested sitting and sleeping on this couch for more than six months now. All of our guests have confirmed that sleeping on the couch was like sleeping on a real bed and all enjoyed restful sleep.

Durability: The couch is heavy-duty – in a positive way. Great, strong fabric that’s easy to clean and resistant to stains. It’s made in Europe quality and design. See this video to watch how easy it is to convert the sofa into a bed:

Bruno Schlafsofa GIF

Delivery: The purchasing process couldn’t be simpler. You order online or in one of their showrooms and within a week, at a time you specify, it arrives at your house (no matter which floor you live on).

Price: Prices range from 1.125EUR for the double seater and 1.350EUR for the three-seater. Considering you are getting a great bed and a great couch in one, this isn’t bad.
Before we found Bruno Schlafsofa we did some research test sitting etc. in furniture shops and “möbelhäuser”. We could only find this type of style and comfort from 2.000 Euros and up, so the Bruno sofabed offers excellent value.

Bruno Schlafsofa 1

Installation: It’s so easy even an old idiot like me could do it with ease.

Conclusion: We are always happy to support anything Berlin. If you do too and are looking for a bed space for friends and family staying in Berlin, look no further than the Bruno Schlafsofa.

By the way, this sofabed just won the German Design Award whilst we were testing it. See their webpage or one of their showrooms to find out more.

Good night from Berlin!


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