Give Your Article a Booster-Shot of Shares

The internet has changed… It’s no longer a utopia for the free exchange of information. Let’s just say that Zuckerberg ain’t as sweet as his name makes out, and sometimes you have to grease his palms with silver to get your message across to those you want to hear it quickly and effectively. The solution: a Facebook boost.

We therefore suggest you book a boost with us, which will ensure your BERLIN LOVES YOU article will appear in a large proportion of our Facebook fanbase’s newsfeeds. A €5 boost will typically garner an extra 2000 views, which broadens the readership exponentially with the additional liking and sharing of the article.

Interested? Great. Simply choose the amount you want to boost below (starting at €5), pay through Paypal (remember to add a note in Paypal letting us know which article the boost is for) and we are all set to go.

We don’t make money from this (or anything, really), so it’s purely for the benefit of your article.

Thanks a lot,


BOOST Berlin

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