Berlin’s Top 6 Tattoo Parlors Wield Unique Power with Ink

By BERLIN LOVES YOU . July 10, 2018

Berlin is a mecca for personal exploration.

It’s a place for discovering your quirks and fantasies–what makes you tick and what you’re willing to put your life on the line for. And, because of this unique landscape for individualism, tattoos are a mainstay–assisting you in creation of your personal “brand,” alerting others of your style, and, best of all, reminding you of the person you were when you chose to burn that particular moment of time, of thought, into your skin.

Here are some of the best tattoo parlors in Berlin.

1. Friedrichshain’s Stilbruch Tätowierungen 

#stilbruchtattoo #tattoo #tattooartists #peann #tattoostudio #muertetattoo

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Stilbruch Tätowierungen
Oderstraße 8

2. Kreuzberg’s Kreuzstich Tattoo

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Kreuzstich Tattoo
Adalbertstraße 85,

3. Friedrichshain’s für immer 

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für immer
Revaler Str. 11,

4. Lichtenberg’s Utgard Tattoo 

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#backpiecetattoo #skulltattoo #blackandgrey

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Utgard Tattoo
Fanningerstraße 35,

5. P-Berg’s Nightliner Tattoo- und Piercingstudio

#healed #tattoo #realistic #moonboy

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Check out Nightliner’s Instagram.

Wisbyer Str. 71
10439 Berlin

6. Blut & Eisen, also in Prenzlauer Berg

Work by Kathrin #blackworktattoo #dotworktattoo #coveruptattoo #patterns #blutundeisenberlin

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Work by Yvonne #clouds #patterns #sun #phoenix #berlintattoo #blutundeisen

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Check out Blood & Eisen’s Instagram.

Blut & Eisen
Stargarder Str. 7
10437 Berlin

Sponsored by Stilbruch Tätowierungen


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