By John Perye . October 28, 2015

Bust out your platform shoes, golden make-up and lots of glitter, but not for this year’s Halloween costume. All that glam is for a night-out with disco-glam-punks, EAT LIPSTICK. These Berlin legends take the stage on “Devil’s Night,” the day before Halloween, and are ready to live up to that name with hours of sex, drugs, and Rock’ n’ Roll. So get dolled up in your trashiest attire, and don’t forget to bring plenty of lipstick.


BLY managed to get a few responses from Anita Drink & The Shredder of EAT LIPSTICK:

How would you describe your music for those who have yet to hear it?

Shredder:  A mix of past & future punk / rock / glam & terror
Anita: Complaint rock stiletto core..ala berlin disco punk

How long has the group been active?

Shredder: Since Oct. 30th 2008
Anita: Since hallows eve ’08

Are your live shows more than just a band getting up onstage and playing their songs?  

Shredder: Yes!
Anita: Si !

EAT LIPSTICKThe show on Friday the 30th is a record release celebration, correct

Shredder: Ja!
Anita: Ejaculation !

What else will be taking place on the 30th?

Shredder: Sex, drugs and Rock & Roll… with a little bit of dress up – so DRESS TO KILL!

Any favorite BERLIN LOVES YOU moments?

Shredder: Meeting Anita at the Currywurst Imbiss
Anita: Meeting Shredder at his moms Späti

“Note by Management:
Anita & Shredder were still a bit hung over while answering the questions on a Sunday afternoon…

So here is a bit more info of what’s going on:

After years of anticipation, legendary Berlin Disco Glam Punk band EAT LIPSTICK is releasing their first LP!

On the 30th of October PLATOON presents the MASQUERADE event of the year! Join us for a night of wild partying and celebrating with EAT LIPSTICK friends and fans, old and new. Known for their drag glam burlesque punk shows – this band does NOT disappoint!!

In the spirit of Halloween, come dressed in your most glamorous, outlandish, FREAKY attire to show your support for the band, and add to what is SURE to be an insane night!

…what else is goin on…
fire show by GINGER SYNNE, burlesque show by KAT DE LAC, walking acts & side shows by CHOKE DASH
opening dj set by CLEA CUTTHROAT & MISS CRASH
aftershow dj sets by ANITA DRINK & THE SHREDDER

+ many other surprises & special guests”


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