Berlin Bikers, Unite! And then Destroy Each Other with Stadtradeln

By Allison Krupp . May 31, 2018

Berlin’s had a God-send sunny spring—pushing us to stretch our lazy bodies out canal-side and in the many parks, boozing and cackling like the winter never was. But this laissez-faire attitude cannot continue, not without a jiggly beer belly bulge. That crop top can only take so much.

Stadtradeln has an answer to yank you up by your bootstraps and get you moving again. And honestly, their contest is such a goddamn good idea, I can’t believe it hasn’t been done.

BERLINBIKE-1On June 3, Stadtradeln is poised to alter the way you get to work, explore the city and surrounding towns (and gritty abandoned buildings), fight flub—and perhaps best of all, save the environment. We won’t be able to enjoy it on our lazy asses for long if we don’t do something good for old Mother Nature. 

So. Read below for everything you need to know. 

bike-3Essentially, the contest means you cycle, and cycle a fuck-ton. Join a team or create your own with some of your favorite Radfahrer friends. Cycle from June 3 to 23 as much as you can, entering the kilometers you cover in an online cycling calendar. For those bikers who stretch out over 234 kilometers, you’re entered into a raffle for a brand-spanking new bicycle.

Why 234 kilometers, you ask? Because it’s the length of Berlin’s city limits, that’s why. And you’ve been missing all of it, trapped on the U-Bahn like a sucker. Get the hell outside. Get on your bicycle. The world is waiting for you. As the author and sponsor of STADTRADELN, Vladimir Kaminer, says, “Although I have lived in this city for almost 30 years, it’s only since I began to cycle that I learned to love and appreciate Berlin.” Don’t waste time.

Sign up here: www.stadtradeln-berlin.de

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Article sponsored by Stadtradeln.


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