Berlin’s Lesser-Known But Best Christmas Markets


A guide to Berlin’s authentic best Weihnachtsmärkte – 100% no Alexanderplatz! It’s coming up to that time of year again, when you don your Handschuhe, gather your friends and settle around that Christmas Market fire, rapidly-cooling cups of Glühwein clasped in your hands (with 2 EUR Pfand, don’t forget). Assuming you’ve no intention of going … Read moreBerlin’s Lesser-Known But Best Christmas Markets

Mietendeckel: Five Years’ Rent Freeze – What Just Happened?


As the peasants rejoice and the fatcats ball their fists, we ask: is the Mietendeckel real? What does it mean for us? The fight for the new rent control law, “Mietendeckel”, is heating up. Today, the head of the Berliner CDU, Kai Wegner, announced that his party will definitely launch a constitutional complaint against it, … Read moreMietendeckel: Five Years’ Rent Freeze – What Just Happened?

Should Berliners Embrace Eating Insects?


In a city of eco-activists and bio-bandwagons, should Berliners embrace eating insect protein? In 2016, I interviewed Fernando from Mexican canteen and mezcaleria, Tentacion. He told me that, although he serves meat at his restaurant, he’s actually vegetarian. The only non-vegetarian thing he truly misses eating is: insects. I thought he was completely mad. Now, … Read moreShould Berliners Embrace Eating Insects?

Motorwerk – Coworking and Creativity in Weißensee


Motorwerk – a creative island for freelancers in Weissensee Motorwerk is steeped in some serious Berlin history. Having started off as an electric motor factory more than 100 years ago, it was then repurposed as a concert venue, hosting an impressive array of acts including Motorhead, Tupac and the Velvet Underground back in the early … Read moreMotorwerk – Coworking and Creativity in Weißensee

5 Mad Japanese Startups IFA 2019 Wasn’t Ready For


Look out Europe, the Japanese are coming and they’ve brought eye-watering innovation with them. In the West, Japanese inventiveness is not only recognised, but revered. From ridiculous/ingenious Chindōgu-style gadgets, to ideas that have shaped our modern world, there’s always a gasp of anticipation when the Japanese open their metaphorical ideas-briefcase to show what’s inside. At … Read more5 Mad Japanese Startups IFA 2019 Wasn’t Ready For

Yoga for All: How Berlin Yoga Conference is Democratizing the Practice


Is yoga the cure for all Berlin’s vices? Berlin Yoga Conference 2019 believes so. A year ago, I attended a pop-up event giving a small sample of what Berlin Yoga Conference would offer. Back then, I had a lovely chat with Anastasia Shevchenko about how non-yoga fans could actually join the event, which would take … Read moreYoga for All: How Berlin Yoga Conference is Democratizing the Practice

Trump’s ‘Memoir’ Now Available auf Deutsch


In ‘Meine Fantastische Präsidentschaft’, the king of fake news gets a dose of his own medicine. You might know actor Alec Baldwin for his role playing a slimy, bollocks-talking ’90s businessman in the film Glengarry Glen Ross. But, more recently, Baldwin has become known for his impersonation of another slimy, bollocks-talking ’90s businessman. Namely: Donald … Read moreTrump’s ‘Memoir’ Now Available auf Deutsch

Rory Midhani’s Corner of Berlin: Ficken 3000


Introducing artist and darkroom chronicler Rory Midhani and his Corner of Berlin: Ficken 3000. Having lived in Berlin for five years now, Rory Midhani found his artistic muse in the dank of the Berlin darkroom. His drawings, murals and cardboard scenes take an affectionate, comedic peek into Berlin’s darkrooms, shedding light on that “grimy” unknown … Read moreRory Midhani’s Corner of Berlin: Ficken 3000

Bruno Sofabeds – Comfort for Even the Most Unexpected Guests


Life as an unintentional B&B host made easier by Bruno. Living in a city as loved as Berlin, can often feel like you’re running a guesthouse. Friends from all around the world are planning a city break and sheepishly enquire: do you have space for us to stay at yours? When we were looking for … Read moreBruno Sofabeds – Comfort for Even the Most Unexpected Guests

SADO OPERA’s Corner of Berlin: Wilde Renate


SADO OPERA share their favourite Corner of Berlin: Salon zur Wilden Renate. “Wilde Renate: Our mother and lover, our passion and our home.” Being unabashed about my love for stage makeup, over-the-top theatrics and Prince, it was clear I’d fall for SADO OPERA as soon as I heard them. In fact, I didn’t even need … Read moreSADO OPERA’s Corner of Berlin: Wilde Renate

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