Self-proclaimed “Ugliest Band in the World,” The Muggs are coming back to Berlin ready to rock. Formed in 2000, this Detroit trio’s history is downright remarkable. They faced adversity early on when bassist Tony DeNardo suffered a hemorrhagic stroke in 2001, that nearly took his life. Amazingly though, with time and physical therapy treatments DeNardo was able to use one arm to play his bass-line parts on a Fender Rhodes Mark I piano in 2003. From that point on The Muggs have been on fire, touring the world and releasing records, even beating out 10,000+ applicants in 2007, to appear on national television for the FOX TV series, “The Next Great American Band.”

The Muggs(The Muggs: Todd Glass, Danny Methric, Tony DeNardo)

BLY caught up with guitarist Danny Methric last week, while The Muggs toured Spain:

How would you describe the Muggs sound for those who have yet to hear it?

Our sound is definitely inspired by the riffy blues rock of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Free and Humble Pie are huge influences. We also love The Beatles very much. Our formula is big riffs and decent melodies. And a high energy stage show.

You guys are about halfway through your Straight Up Boogaloo European Tour. Correct me if I’m wrong but thus far all the shows have been in Spain?

Yes, all of our shows have been in Spain so far. Last night was show number 13 and we have 5 more to play. It has been fantastic so far!

After Spain, the majority of the rest of the shows are in Germany. Do you have a big German following?

We are still a relatively new band in Germany but our audience is growing there. We can’t wait to be there again with our new record Straight Up Boogaloo.

You guys have played Berlin before. How did that go?

Our shows in Berlin were excellent. We played the White Trash twice and they were both wonderful shows. We couldn’t believe how great the crowd was toward us. We heard that bar is no longer there but we have wonderful memories of our concerts there.

Did you get the chance to have a look around Berlin?

Yes we were able to wander around Berlin. Unfortunately we saw more bars than sights. We party a little too much. But we are so excited to come back.

Any message for the Berlin fans?

The ugliest band in the world is coming to rock your faces off!!!

The Muggs play Friday May 29th @

Badehaus Szimpla Musiksalon
Revaler Strasse 99., 10245 Berlin-Friedrichshain

Support : WEDGE (Berlin), SHIVAS NAT (Kopenhagen), DJ CREAM TEAM Purple Witch & Fuzz Lightyear! (Berlin)

Doors at 8:00
Starts at 9:00

Online Tickets

For All Things Muggs: here.


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Music is the heartbeat of any creative place, pulsing the blood of its people. With a BA in English from Motown Detroit’s Wayne State University, John’s first love is music, but also writes about observations and connections between the two cities. First Berlin Loves You moment was at sunrise one summer morning, right off the bus from Tegel, seeing Berlin blanketed in golden light. Followed directly by techno beats echoing in the distance at Warschauer Strasse, as people from the night before staggered around in search for the next stop.

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  1. Love this particular writers approach to journalism, his interviews with the bands or artist are clever and straight to the point, keep up the good work.

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