Tiffin and Gully Burger United At Last – At Markthalle Pfefferberg

By Andrew Cottrill . February 5, 2024

Both Tiffin and Gully Burger are now available in one single place, Markthalle Pfefferberg.

What really happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? Well, I dunno – that’s kinda why it’s a paradox. But, in other news, Berlin Indian food heavyweights Tiffin and Gully Burger have buddied up and moved in together at Senefelderplatz’s new-ish Markthalle Pfefferberg.

It’s no coincidence that these two eateries have become bedfellows. Both Tiffin and Gully Burger are the creations of Indian food entrepreneur, Sachin Obaid, someone who has long been raising the bar of the Berlin food scene.

If you’re not familiar with Tiffin or Gully Burger, check out our previous articles on them.

Photo: Sandra Juto

Gully Burger is as good as ever. The Kerela Fried Chicken is still a juicy-crispy-warming textural adventure in a delightful brioche bun and the Vada Pav potato burger is still a belly-busting bite of home comfort. Added to their winning line-up is their Popcorn Chicken – buttermilk-marinated and perfectly seasoned fried chicken bites.

Photo: Sandra Juto

The real story here, though, is the addition of Tiffin. Previously a delivery-only service, this is the first time you get to experience Tiffin in-house.

At Markthalle Pfefferberg, they’re offering a stripped-down menu of Indian all-rounders and favourites. Butter chicken. Palak paneer. Baingan ka salan (aubergine curry). Not the most adventurous selection of dishes, but they’re tried, tested, proven and still streets ahead of 99.9% of the Indian food places here.

Tiffin’s food also comes in thalis, meaning you get a little of everything you could wish for on one plate. Along with your chosen curry, you also receive rice, papad, chana masala, mango achaar and vegan raita. These additions make Tiffin pretty damn good value.

Photo: Sandra Juto

The magic here, though, is that you get to mix and match from each restaurant’s menu. It’s perfect for when you 100% know you want some type of Indian food but simply can’t agree on which and there’s zero room for compromise.

Photo: Sandra Juto

You’ll find Tiffin and Gully Burger near the entrance to Markthalle Pfefferberg, next to the massive queue for that taco place.

Markthalle Pfefferberg
Schönhauser Allee 176,
10119 Berlin


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