Are you someone who wants to discover new music but just doesn’t have the time to get out every night and venture through the clubs? If this sounds like you then DNA BLN might be just what you need. In its fifth edition, DNA BLN (Discover New Artists) brings talented new musical and visual acts from the local and international community to Berlin.

DNA BAR“DNA BLN is a collision of different creative communities bringing together visionary people from various art scenes and promoting the interaction between artists and the public. An event centered on introducing new live music of all genres as well as incorporating Visual and Media Arts, DJ’s and more.”
IMG_6799With the help of two stages you will be able to catch 8 musical acts featuring groups from Germany, Belgium, Sweden, and the United Kingdom. Not only will there be bands, but DJ’s and visuals as well, plus an art show. All this for only 7 Euro! If that’s not enough for you, at least stop by for a photo and some free shots of Jägermeister.

WHEN: Thursday, November 26, 2015
WHERE: Musik & Frieden, Falckensteinstraße 48, 10997 Berlin
DOORS: 20:30

Welcome Drinks: 20:30 – 22:30

Schwarzes Zimmer = S
Blaues Zimmer = B

♫ LIVE ♫
B 21:30 Alice on the Roof (BE)
S 22:00 Lion Sphere (DE)
B 22:30 Die melodische Renate (DE)
S 23:00 NEWMEN (DE)
B 23:30 Tula (SE/DE)
S 00:00 Lowrider Betty (DK)
B 00:30 Charlion (SE)
S 01:00 Losers (UK)


01:30 Eddy Temple-Morris & Simone Marie Butler



ART SHOW (2nd floor): The Divine

Saskia Hahn
Agata Sasiuk
Sandro Moscogiuri
Wesr Figueroa


About Author

Music is the heartbeat of any creative place, pulsing the blood of its people. With a BA in English from Motown Detroit’s Wayne State University, John’s first love is music, but also writes about observations and connections between the two cities. First Berlin Loves You moment was at sunrise one summer morning, right off the bus from Tegel, seeing Berlin blanketed in golden light. Followed directly by techno beats echoing in the distance at Warschauer Strasse, as people from the night before staggered around in search for the next stop.

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